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  1. Choosing the Type of your Types

    Statically and dynamically typed languages both can be enjoyable

    tagged programming, types, C++, lua, haskell, ruby.

  2. Testing Without A Brain

    How much Testing is good for your Development Process?

    tagged testing, rant.

  3. Android Style Message Passing

    Communicating between Threads using Message Queues.

    tagged android, C++, concurrency, ipc.

  4. C++ Delegates On Steroids

    Generic version of impossibly fast delegate using C++11 variadic templates.

    tagged C++, templates, lua.

  5. Top 10 Unix Command Line Utilities 2013

    Again a selection of the some useful unix commands.

    tagged unix, bash.

  6. The Incredible Brew

    The missing package manager for OS X which solves a lot of headaches.

    tagged unix, osx, tool, git, ruby, bash.

  7. Simple Networking

    Communicating over UDP sockets in haskell.

    tagged udp, networking, haskell, C++.

  8. Start of Year with Shunting Yard

    Applying dijkstras shunting yard algorithm for expression evaluation.

    tagged haskell, puzzle, algorithm, lua.

  9. Top 10 Unix Command Line Utilities 2012

    Another selection of the some useful unix commands which I found useful.

    tagged unix, bash.

  10. QuickChecking C++ Code

    The haskell testing framework which can be used quite beneficial to test C++ code

    tagged haskell, C++, quickcheck, testing.

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